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Docks is SIFA's answer to those who seek originality and practicality: a line of bar furnishings with trendy features in terms of design, construction technology and materials used. The strong visual impact, concave exterior and rational layout of the service equipment, combine to create an ergonomic design, whichis both efficient and practical. The construction technology includes the application of revolutionary concepts in
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the metal framework, enbloc steel cell and in the personalised SIFA doors with magnetic closure. Totally innovative materials for this sector have been used, materials such as aluminium for the linear panelling and polyurethane for the corner panels. Other aspects of this bar range simplify bar management, increase customer comfort and are perfectly in line with international hygiene and safety standards.

Docks is the perfect reflection of today's tastes and at the same time, anticipates tomorrow's trends in state-of-the-art bar furnishing.
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ERGONOMY: The front panel design, pleasing in terms of both style and functionality. The concave, indented lines of the unit, make it possible for those seated in front of the counter to position their legs in comfort.
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The structure of the metal frameworkis varnished in epoxy powders.
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The rear side of the bar counters consists of modular units with a new structural design. These units, with their high technical quality,have been arranged to make serving so much easier.

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