pub and bar furniture, international style

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High technology
It is the main characteristic of this line, made by SIFA with an internal metal structure and external aluminium cladding.

International style
The project is characterised bya cosmopolitan air, deliberately without either geographical or ethnical stylistic references. It therefore offers a valid image within any context and at any latitude, promoting a global style.
design hi-tech
Design lines and finishing elements have a very straight-forward line which is aesthetically pleasing and elegant, and give the elements an appreciated ergonomic function.
pub and bar furniture
Whole polyurethane from the automobile industry, together with very thick steel for the sides and bar counter. The use of thick stained glass is offered as an option to match and co-ordinate all the fittings, both on the bar counter and on the risers, doors and rear counter sliding panels.
originality and personalization
In order to offer a wide variety, standard lacquers also have a range of colours available on request on presentation of the “RAL” samples, as well as a range of metallic colours.

This line offers the possibility of decorating bars and upper echelon pastry shops,trendy shops and alternative eating areas such as in discotheques, cinemas, hotels, reception areas in car dealerships and franchises.
Standard lacquered panels:

1. Off white
2. Sifa red
3. Zinc yellow
4. Ultramarine Blue
5. Sea green
6. Burgundy
7. Cream white
8. Matt Ivory
Counter top materials:

1. Stainless steel with Scotch-brite finish
2. Stained glass in light green
3. Stained glass in charcoal grey
Standard Metallic Lacquered Panels:

1. Silver
2. Acid green
3. Orange

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