Modern bar furniture, versatility and eclecticism

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Versatility and Eclecticism
The “winning” combination for furnishing and fitting bar areas is mainly represented by two basic principles:

versatility,that is the special capacity to adapt to different needs of service during the various moments of the day.

Eclecticism, that is flexibility when matching different areas and spaces.
modern bar furniture
Round-the-Clock Versatility
The utility equipment to be used in the course of the day for different customer’s requests is also part of a bar winning combination:from the breakfast to the aperitif and to the lunch-time snack, from tasting of coffees and wines to the preparation of traditional or exotic cocktails for the afternoon and evening.

Eclectic Areas
Another winning combination is also represented by a bar area fitted in such a way that it may serve as a traditional coffee bar as well as a snack area for shopping centres or airports or night-time discos.
design   estetica e tecnologia
Front panelling with curved section, characterised by horizontal ribbing giving it a pleasant “slatted” look. Methacrylate vertical profiles that, on request, may be lit with leds in white, red or blue,thus creating special colour effects.
Curved bar unit
Curved bar unit
Among the original and innovative solutions offered by this line there are the 30 degree curved bar units - refrigerated and non-refrigerated - in eight different versions: all with a pleasing and modern look. The bending radius is so large that it permits to fit a refrigerated cell and to match two units of opposite curved sections (A type and B type), thus creating an elegant sinuous shape which is truly unique.
Two differents type of bar
Perfectly integrated one with the other,with the same kind of service, these differentversions create different volumes and looks:
one version is characterised by a counter with “Closed Front Top” in granite, marbleor composite material; the other versionis characterised by a counter with “RaisedCounter Top” in 20 mm thick glass and with Sifa personalised supportsin aluminium casting.
red leds
End panels

In metal sheet lacquered in metal silver colour, with decorative piece in dark grey stained glass.
fianco bar
vetrina gelativetrina dolcibanco dolci
display units
In the photo: White-lacquered version (standard)Counter top in grey composite material ‘Serena’ and transparent glass Lighting with red leds (optional extra).
equipment for aperitifs   banco aperitivi
equipment for aperitifs
New specific service corner to prepareaperitifs and cocktails; it may be fittedin the majority of units and may comein different types: utility equipment with tank for ice cubes or crushed ice (on the right) and utility equipment for bottles, tubs for fruit garnishes and for ice cubes, polyethylene choppingboard (on the left). This utility equipment is fitted with the bottle-opener, cork holderand bottle-holder. The tank comes in the “Gastronorm” version and is insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam.
They feature a new design with upper backs in dark greystained glass or mirrored; they are fitted with shelves with fluorescent lighting radiatingupwards and downwards. The light-pelmet is equipped with fluorescent lamps too.
Back counter units

A wall display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration (L 100 cm) is located on the backcounter unit riser; it serves as display and storage unit for beverage; fitted with detached condenser.
Back counter units
Base units

The base unit doors may be personalised, on request, with aluminium frame fitted with dark grey painted glass or with applied decor in stainless steel, Scotch-brite finish (optional extra).
Base units
Corner units

Combination with A 45° and B 45°corner units, with lit and curvedshelves. Doors personalised in stainless steel (optional extra).
Corner units
structuremodern bar furniture
Technical and Construction Details
Technical and Construction Details Connecting unit with metal framework, painted with epoxy powders.
Rear side of the units, with their refrigerating cells and the ample, open compartments which are a handy solution to fit in the equipment.
Standard lacquering:
1. White
2. Metal silver
3. Orange
4. Red
5. Charcoal grey

“Cube-shaped motifs” in wood-effect:
6. Dark walnut
7. Wengè
The aluminium fascia under the counter top, lacquered in a metalsilver-colour or with a “cube-shaped” motif in wood-effect,may be customised with a Ral colour, on request. Front panelling has the same features; in fact, it may come in anylacquered colour of the RAL colour sample collection,besides the standard colours and the cube-shaped motifs in wood-effect.
Colour range and finishes

This range comes in a host of colours and finishes: standard lacquering: metal silver, orange, white, red, charcoal grey. “cube-shaped motifs” in wood-effect: wengè, dark walnut. made-to-order lacquering: all the colours of the RAL collection.

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