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Versatility and style
SPRING, the new Sifa bar furnishing line, employs simple and essential structures. The front is characterised by the design of the below­ counter created entirely in anodised aluminium whose modelled recess (obtained by extrusion) is an original aesthetic element. The laminate of the front panels is envisaged in a good eight chromatic-decorative variants, five in colour and three with wood tonalities.
arredamento interni bar
Additional possibilities of personalisation: the below-counter fascia, the B 90 and B 45 corner connection units, the back counter lighting pelmet, mirrors on the risers. High technology, in the internal structure of the bar, constructed completely in stainless steel and with rounded-off corners, according to regulations.

The plinth is in anodised aluminium.
The back counter is conceived with pleasing lines and for comfortable management: without intermediate sides, equipped with integrated racks in the risers.
design   fianco
Details of the moulding in anodised aluminium (obtained by extrusion), positioned under the counter top.
Detail of metal and panel, painted with epoxy powders, metallized grey colour. Counter top in bi-laminate with 3 cm thick PMMA edges, Maldives white colour.
Composition of fittings in dark oak tonality with A45 and B90 corners. Counter top in bi-laminate Maldives white and plinth in anodised aluminium. Back counter with personalisation of the lighting pelmet (optional).
Back counter with tobacco sales area and space equipped with racks for bottles; light fxture with halogen spot and personalised lighting pelmet (optional). Service top in bi-laminate with 3 cm thick PMMA edges, Maldive white colour.
Back counter base with stainless steel top and basin. Personalised riser with mirrors (optional).
Back counter with refrigerated base and coffee machine module: service top in bi-laminate with 3 cm. Thick PMMA edges, light oak tonality.
Detail of the back counter with stainless steel service top (optional).
Bar counter rear with interior's cell exterior and doors in stainless steel, ample open spaces useful for inserting equipment.
Wood colours and tonality for front panel:
1. Orange
2. Sky blue
3. Ivory
4. Multistripped grey
5. Spring yellow
6. Acropolis Cherry
7. Dark Oak
8. Light Oak

The fascia under the counter top and the B 90 and B 45 connecting corners, including the back counter lighting pelmet, can be personalised with the same laminate as the front panel (optional). The back counter riser can be personalised with mirrors (optional).
Counter top and back counter service top colours

8. Light Oak
9. Maldives white

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