Bar classic style meetsthe efficiency of hi-tech materials

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Classic natural evolution

The importance of the classic style meetsthe efficiency of hi-tech materials for a contemporary design, geometry becomes brighter and soften in romantic decorations, volumes relieve in games of mirrors. In a project that is ideal solutionfor every room furnishing, full of goodtaste and elegant hospitality.

Decorative light

The beauty of a full light room which catches the looks, charms and createsthe right atmosphere for unique moments.
Precious Style game

A lightweight chrome frame decorates the panels, embellishing and characterizing the composition by volumes of great importance.
Light version with oak Baltic wood panels and Alicrite inserts back enlightened.

Know how to get noticed

A nice business card, a call for socializing and interesting meetings, a room designed to make it easy for everyone. The mirror finish completely lightens the bar counter volumes harmonizing it with the remaining atmosphere and expanding the space.
Mirror version full tempered mirror

bar curvo
Contemporary Luxury

The chromed frames decoration with top and plinths edges recovery even in the profiles of the rear units mirrors, create a pleasing decorative continuity and light the environment of glare and charm.


Maximum care in every detail: the chromium plated finishing features the connection of the serving top back on the side panel and on the frieze of the front panel.

Fascinating balances of form

Mirror version with shiny Mahogany panelsand mirror with etched decorations..

led rossi

The aesthetic refinement hides a technological heart: the structure is cleverly equipped, convenient and practical to use, plans are spacious to work and move freely and shelves are well-lightened for a better exposition.

fianco bar
vetrina gelativetrina dolcibanco dolci

Refinement of the exclusive details
Ceiling with custom Stilus profile to frame the images of your choice. Mirror version with Walnut Donatello panels and mirror cream printed.

vetrina gelativetrina dolcibanco dolci

Refinement of the exclusive details

Design stolen to the nature world which decorates the front panels and illuminates the shelves of the back counters, precious and light which make the rigorous design extremely kind.
Customization even for back counter units combined with polished walnut Donatello doors

vetrina gelativetrina dolcibanco dolci

Reflections of a sole style

Large mirrors complete the composition and amplify the brightness of the atmosphere.
Light version with shiny black panels and Alicrite inserts back lightened. Stilus profile frames the back counters setting..
Light version in polished Red laminate with Alicrite inserts back lightened.

vetrina gelativetrina dolcibanco dolci

Reflections of a sole style

Mirror version with polished cream laminate and mirror cream printed.

In harmony with more current taste: the tradition is renewed in sophisticatedtexture, gliding shining like silk.

Di forte impatto visivo, i Of strong visual impact, the colours of the night light up of lunar flashes

Mirror version with polished purple laminate and printed mirror.

Counter tops color

1 - Black marble
2 - White Carrara marble
3 - Black marquigna marble
4 - White Zeus composite material
5 - Red eros composite material
6 - Mirrored glass


1 - Black printed mirror for Mirror version
2 - Cream printed mirror for Mirror version
3 - Mirror with acid decoration just for Mirror version
4 - Gloss Red laminate
5 - Gloss Black laminate
6 - Gloss Parple laminate
7 - Gloss Cream laminate
8 - Gloss Oak Baltic laminate
9 - Gloss Walnut Donatello laminate
10 - Gloss Mahogany laminate
11 - Gloss Palissandro laminate
12 - Alicrite back lightened for Light version

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