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The Promise of Something Sweet.
Miss is the new, refrigerated patisserie counter, designed and manufactured by SIFA. Thanks to our years of experience and our knowledge of the problems involved in this sector, we at SIFA have introduced the innovative and characteristic features which make this unit stand out above the rest for its design, versatility, display space and functionality.
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The pleasantly rounded, modern lines mean that the unit can be installed as a single display case or integrated with other bar units. The large display compartment is made even larger by the curved, lift-up front in toughened glass. Miss is avail-able in two versions: with fixed top or with removable drawers; both with dividing shelves in glass. The bright, natural lightingis effectively diffused to show the displayed products at their very best. The materials used are extremely hygienic; and in particular, the interior lining is in stainless steel whereas the down light frames and risers are anodised with an environmentally friendly process.
The refrigerating unit is sited at the rear of the display case and pulls out on practical runners to facilitate any intervention, even for routine mainten-ance. An electronic control panel with automatic defrost cycles ensures that the unit functions correctly and is easier for the user to regulate. The insulation is with CFC-free, environmentally friendly polyurethane foam.
The glass lift-up front is controlled by a device which maintains the different opening heights for safe and easy access to the unit interior during cleaning and use.
Close-up of the unit with removable, stainless steel drawers which pull out on runners: a practical way to show products or to remove them during unit cleaning.

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