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Aesthetic co-ordination
NOVA SIFA display unit: elegant and ingenius. A design with original lines enhancing its sfericity. The project includes stand-alone modules and specific equipments for ice-creams, confectionery, gastronomy, bakery, etc. or that are supplied with a finish that matches all SIFA programs, to complete the traditional bar furnishing with additional services.
banchi bar
The rounded shape of the front tempered glass that can be lifted upwards and the line of the lower panel, rounded as well, enhances the effect of total sphericity of the display unit.
The absolute visibility of the products, given by the brightness and by the game of transparencies, makes the layout particularly attractive.
To reduce ceiling light overheating to a minimum, small neon lighting fixtures have been used, supplied through electronic transformers.
Nova is particularly attractive thanks to its exclusive stand-alone version: the wider developing of the panel follows the rounded line of the front glass up to the plinth, realised with profiles in extruded anodised aluminium and lit by special neon lights.
In the case of connections for bar furnishing lines, the part located under the panel follows uninterrupted the geometrics of the adjacent counter, both in the aesthetics of the panels and of the plinth.
The services offered range over different versions: the confectionery module with refrigerated ventilation and large pull-out drawer or fixed top with inclined trays or the following modules: bakery, hot bain-marie gastronomy or hot dry gastronomy; neutral confectionery and ice-creams. The range of services is completed by two rounded typologies, the corner units a45° - open (b45°)/ closed (a45°) and the cash desk.
In the display unit, each visible part inside the service top is in stainless steel aisi 304 with polished finish. Glass panes are supported by front vertical uprights in cast aluminium.Functional and decorative elements, with original sifa design, characterise the whole structure giving a final harmonic aesthetic result.

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