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Ventilated showcase.
This glass display unit is ideal for storing and exhibiting food and beverage, thus allowing for a perfect distribution. The air forced-circulation system cools the food in the best manner, thus avoiding excessive dehydration. The rear sliding doors are in high insulation “double glass”, thus ensuring an easy and practical filling of the display surfaces. Dimensions: L 125 cm. - D 119 cm (overall dimensions with sliding surface for trays) - H 175 cm.
vetrina refrigerata
The unit is fitted with: / upper structure with three glass shelves, evenly refrigerated thanks to the air forced-circulation, shelf brackets in polished stainless steel / side panels in “double glass” / rear sliding doors in “double glass” with automatic closure, and anodised aluminium frame equipped with anti-mist resistor / top lamp holder with two fluorescent lamps of 30 w each / automatic pull-down shade, on the customer’s side / large display surface in stainless steel / tank with large surface evaporator to guarantee a suitable humidification of the cold air / temperature adjustment through an electronic control panel with LEDS, automatic defrosting / liquid crystal thermometer- / AISI 304 stainless steel tank with metal sheets to hold the fans and to cover the evaporator / automatic evaporation system for condensate / refrigeration through air forced-circulation, with incorporated refrigerating unit / Without suIding trays. / Front panel in alluminum, lacquered metal silver colour. / End panels in metal plate, lacquered metal silver colour.
NB : The showcase can also be available with front glass ( customer’s side ).
Particolare della tendina di chiusura autoavvolgente.
The refrigerated showcase is integrated in Lunch Bar units

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