The company also works with success abroad, exporting the products of our professionalism to numerous countries. Eclectics and the cosmopolitan imprint of the design methods is seen in the development of furnishing solutions which perfectly conform to the tastes and to the aesthetic preferences of different cultures.

From the pragmatic Finnish ideals to the liveliness of the Madrid spirit, our products perfectly recreate the unmistakable atmospheres of Chicago businesses or exalt the Mediterranean charm of the Maltese architecture or the strong historic connotations like those of the city of Budapest.

The geography and typical, traditional, folkloristic characteristics of these local settings are respected, even valorised, as they become sources for new and unexpected inspirations.
Memories of the past unite with ethnic elements in tune with today, for timeless visions. The skill in combining various materials – natural and synthetic – and in the modulation of various colour schemes awakens new and thrilling sensorial stimulations.

The advanced technologies we use for designing, developing and producing the product also make it possible to fully meet all of the furnishing and functional needs and to realise any type of setting from the most simple and essential to the most ambitious.

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